Located on Main Street in the heart of the charming New England coastal village of Chatham on Cape Cod, this shop blends outstanding nautical architecture with Richard Kahns’ passion for antiques. As one enters the shop, one has the feeling of stepping into the salon of a great 19th century luxury passenger yacht. Handcrafted solid mahogany ribs on the vaulted main room ceiling, a balcony reminiscent of a ship’s bridge (complete with a fine 19th century ship's wheel) and other rooms all give one the feeling of being on board a great ship. When rebuilding of the 19th century building that formerly stood at 582 Main Street, Richard followed the advice of local architects to make the building meet 21st century code requirements. Richard made sure to carefully replicate the exterior of the building to its original specifications, thus preserving Main Street’s charm.

He also paid particularly close attention to the interior spaces, directing the design to resemble a ship. From day one, Richard Kahn knew that he wanted three different types of spaces to display his variety of antiques.

The first room, a double-height skylit space with a vaulted ceiling, features a balcony that looks like a ship’s bridge. This main space exhibits the large, unique pieces such as pond yachts, ship’s wheels and figureheads.

The second room, flanked by Doric columns at each end, reminds one of the State Room of a sailing vessel with its handcrafted mahogany display cases for smaller precious objects.

The third and final gallery space has a coffered ceiling reminiscent of an 18th century home. In here one will find selected examples of period English and American furniture and fine marine paintings.